5 Best Football Prediction Sites

As a football fan, it is likely that you realize just how much of the game is played on a daily basis. While most of us tend to focus on the ‘major’ leagues, there are football leagues happening all around us.

However, if you were to try and place any kind of bet or prediction on a football game, you need a lot of knowledge to do so.

football prediction sites

Many of us place our bets based on things like ‘feel-good’ factor, the name of the team, their position in the league, or even the color of kit they are wearing.

Whether you bet on a system or through superstition, though, a little knowledge can go a long way. That is why if you want to start having more fun with your flutters, you should take a look at the best football prediction sites.

Where, though, do you start? With so many supposed experts out there, it can be tough to know who to trust and who creates ideas that could actually result in some winnings. So, who are five of the best football prediction sites today?


PredictZ has a simplistic and clear user experience

A popular choice for quite a lot of people looking to learn about football predictions, PredictZ can make the process so much simpler.

It provides you with plenty of tips from across major European leagues, as well as some other leagues around the world. On top of that, they offer a pretty healthy selection of tip ideas from full-time results, scorelines, and even some good ideas for bespoke accumulators!

If you are looking for a football predictions site that avoids using advanced metrics or needlessly complex language, then you should definitely take a look at PredictZ.

Content is strong, the writing is informed, and they know all about trying to make the content stick in terms of style. Easy to read, simple to learn from, and ideal for any bettor who is trying to grow their knowledge of the game.

However, while they do make it easy to research their tips and it does provide ample information, it can be tough to get things rolling – at least at first. If you want to try and speed the process up a touch, you might wish to take a look at some ‘big’ games.


  • Good quality of betting predictions with plenty of analysis and detail provided.
  • Covers a wide range of leagues and teams, so easy to find a new tip to follow.
  • Thorough research and analysis tools make predictions seem authentic.


  • A little confusing at first, especially for beginners new to the industry.

Football Whispers

Football Whispers is great for the beginner

Another good place to begin your journey when looking into the best football prediction sites is Football Whispers.

This is an absolutely brilliant place to find out ideas and tips about games and is loaded with useful details in their prediction platform.

They also give you some good insight and tips that you could look into, making sure that their tips feel like analysis as opposed to just someone taking a guess.

On top of that, they do make sure that you get plenty of insight into bookmaker offers and the like.

While some might find the platform to be a touch too commercialized for their own personal desire, it is a very high-quality platform for football predictions and analysis.

The tips are usually well laid out, too, so you can easily look through tips and know exactly what you should be searching for in terms of information and insight.

However, they also look at some more confusing and low-interest markets, so those looking for a particular kind of bet or suggestion should find a home at Football Whispers.


  • A thorough and detailed range of games covered on a daily basis.
  • Great insight and knowledge provided with each and every tip.
  • Covers other low-interest markets that might provide a little gem.


  • Terminology can be somewhat confusing at first, making it harder to learn quickly.
  • Covers so many tips that it can be hard to make a choice on what to cover.

Sporty Trader

Sporty Trader has been in the prediction game for many years

Growing all the time, many people who followed football in the 1980s and 1990s will be happy to see that Sporty Trader carries a big endorsement: former France forward Jean-Pierre Papin!

It is a large-scale French company with over a decade in the football predictions game. They know their stuff, they create really intriguing content, and they are not shy with producing statistical analysis.

They also have a massive predictions database that can give you an eye-watering level of feedback and proof for why they take certain choices and paths.

Easy and effective to look through, too, you should have no problem at all in learning from the masses of content on Sporty Trader.

For some, though, the fact that the site has won awards for their work lets you know that their predictions are based on more than finger-in-the-air moments of ‘inspiration’. On the contrary, they know their stuff when it comes to representing the sport at large.

The one negative? The site is so packed with details that you might find it hard to actually get started on placing some bets. Also, it does have a mild drop-off in detail as you go to less glamorous leagues.


  • Great quality of predictions and analysis backed up with stats.
  • Endorsed by professionals and has won awards for prediction quality.
  • Over half a million games analyzed so far.


  • Picks and chooses what leagues to cover, with most major leagues covered.
  • Lacks some more insight into some of the smaller leagues compared to larger leagues.


Matchplug is the new kid on the block

If you are looking for a good up-and-comer to check out, then we highly recommend that you take a look at Matchplug.

This site has made quite a lot of growth in a short period of time and is slowly but surely becoming an established ‘big name’ within the industry itself. It has immense potential and promise, and the site is run by professional prediction experts.

However, please note beforehand that unlike other sites on this list, joining Matchplug means joining one of their three-tier subscription platforms.

If you are looking for free tips alone, the options are limited and are naturally less detailed than the expert insight and analysis you get with the subscription content.

However, it does give you some great insight into European leagues not covered on some of the other sites listed above. They do give you predictions on things like scores, goal scorers, over/under goal markets, and various other betting features you might wish to consider.

It’s for this reason that many people look to spend a little bit of their cash joining up with Matchplug. The sheer level of detail and interest in their content does make it easy to learn a whole lot about upcoming games.


  • Some of the most detailed and enjoyable analysis that you will find on the web.
  • Covers an intricate number of points, including betting markets not usually covered.


  • Comes with a three-tier subscription plan to get all of the ‘juicy’ details.


WhoScored is an all-rounder in football prediction

Last but by no means least, we recommend that you look into WhoScored for one of the best football prediction sites.

Though they offer far less detail on things like betting markets, they break down teams and their playing styles – as well as individual player profiles – better than any other predictions platform.

They offer previews for games coming up in the next few days, with potential line-ups, formations, and even a predicted outcome with the score.

If you like to build up your own bets and learn a lot about teams as you go, then WhoScored is a tremendous place to start for a bit of education on the subject matter.

You will learn a lot more on WhoScored, but it does kind of leave you to come up with your own betting ideas based on what you have learned on the site as you play.

For that reason, you should probably look to come up with a few solutions that will help you get the very most out of your WhoScored account.

There are plenty of reasons why you might wish to try out the platform, but education as a football fan is chief among them. Just don’t expect too much betting help!


  • Uses an advanced, all-encompassing player profile system.
  • Gives you great details on line-ups, injuries, and team form.
  • Detailed predictions for who will win, and why.


  • Limited detail provided about potential betting opportunities available.

You have many options, but all of the above five are great picks for anyone looking to learn more about football. While the subject of what are the ‘best’ football betting sites are purely down to opinion, you really should have no problem at all in enjoying using this particular website collection.

For quality football predictions that are more likely to pay off, be sure to take a look at the wonderful combination of suggestions offered on the five websites suggested above. Happy hunting!

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