Shannon de Lima: Stunning Sweetheart of James Rodriguez

A terrific model, a beauty pageant winner, and always making the tabloids in one way or another, Shannon De Lima is an interesting personality.

The gorgeous Venezuelan beauty has been dating James Rodriguez recently and despite being a private person has always found herself in the limelight.

What for, you ask? We’ll get to that later. First, let us know more about her.


Full NameShannon De Lima
Date of birth6 January 1989
Age33 (as of October 2022)
Place of birthCaracas, Venezuela
Place of residenceMiami, Florida, USA
Height1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
Weight55 kg
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourDark Brown
Relationship statusUnknown
PartnerJames Rodriguez (Rumoured)
ChildrenDaniel Alejandro Sosa De Lima, Samuel Rodrigues De Lima
ProfessionFashion Model, TV Personality, Influencer,
Net worth (approx.)$2.5 million

Introduction: Who is Shannon de Lima?

who is shannon de lima
De Lima has over 2.4 Million followers on Instagram

Born on the 6th of Jan in 1988, Shannon De Lima is now 33 years of age and is a Capricorn.

She stands at 5 foot 7 inches tall and her weight is 55kg.

Apart from her successful modeling career, Shannon is also known for being one of the ex-wives of popular singer, Marc Anthony, alongside a certain Jennifer Lopez. You might have heard of her!

Shannon de Lima also has experience in entrepreneurship as she declined to go to Germany with James due to her budding business in Colombia.

Despite being a Venezuelan and a Spanish speaker, she has lived the majority of her life away from home. So she considers Miami as her home away from home and speaks fluent English.

She also maintains an avid social media with over 2.4 Million followers. On her Instagram, she regularly posts pictures of her family and is mostly seen in fitness gear showing how much of an enthusiast she is.

Early Days and Start Of Modelling

shannon de lima modelling
Her dream was to become a model from a young age

Not much is known about the childhood of Shannon De Lima. We know that she was an only child but the identity and occupation of her parents have been kept private by her.

As for her studies, she pursued social communication and interior design back in Venezuela but could not continue her academics in Miami.

Right from her girlhood, Shannon wanted to be a model. As her parents were very supportive of her all the way through, they enabled the pathway for her to pursue a career in modeling.

She came to the spotlight after getting selected as one of the finalists for Miss Venezuela in 2005.

Unfortunately, she missed out on the Miss Venezuela award, losing out to Sambil Model. However, the story of her life had just commenced.

After this achievement, she was on the front cover of numerous Venezuelan magazines. She also appeared in the commercials of several brands.

Current Occupation

shannon de lima occupation
She was the Miss Earth Venezuala runner-up

As we have stated earlier, Shannon de Lima has found remarkable success in her modeling career. She was the runner-up for the award of “Miss Earth Venezuela Pageant”.

Out of the 15 contestants that participated, Shannon came second only to Alexandra Braun. There are reports that Braun is now committing herself with Marc Anthony, who is also the ex-husband of Shannon de Lima.

The Venezuelan model has spent the majority of her professional career in modeling, junior artistry, and small walk-on roles on Venezuelan television programs.

Previous Relationships

One major reason for the fame of Shannon has to be her past relationships. They have been with some very interesting people that deserve a mention.

Manuel Sosa

Manuel Sousa is another massive Venezuelan personality who has participated in numerous television programs. Both Shannon de Lima and Manuel Sousa confirmed their relationship in 2006.

A year later, they shared a massive highlight in their life together as they welcomed a boy to the world, whom they named Daniel Alejandro. Despite this big moment, their relationship was unable to last for long as they parted company in 2008.

Still, Shannon regularly stays in touch with her son and posts about him on her Instagram account frequently.

Marc Anthony

shannon de lima marc Anthony

It is not entirely sure how Shannon de Lima and Marc Anthony met for the first time. Nevertheless, they fell in love from the get-go.

After announcing their relationship, they appeared together at numerous functions and events.

In 2014, they were seen together at the inauguration of the video clip called “Pale Flower”, where they also confirmed their marriage.

Their marriage lasted for three years. In 2017, both signed a multi-million dollar divorce settlement and parted ways from each other.

Shannon stated that the feeling during her divorce goes by the saying of “After the storm, the calm comes”. She said that Marc Anthony was visibly hurt filing the divorce. However, it was for the betterment of both.

The private nature of Shannon was such that she wanted to avoid the rumors of her divorce from Marc Anthony. In a Univision’s morning show, she finally opened up about her ex-husband.

Despite being continuously asked about Marc Anthony, she stated that one of the agreements we had when we agreed to part ways was that no one will talk negatively about our relationship. So, she is sticking by that agreement.

Shannon just ignored the rumors and stated that she only has positive things to say about Marc and she wishes the best to him in his professional and private life.

There were also reports that Shannon had a feud with Jennifer Lopez, who is also an ex-girlfriend of Marc Anthony which led to them breaking up with each other. However, she denied those reports as well and stated that people are so wicked in the world today that they will believe everything that is coming out from the media.

In fact, Shannon stated that she has enjoyed a great time with Jennifer Lopez, mainly their visits to Shannon’s sons, Emme’s and Max’s birthday parties, and doing numerous concerts together. Marc Anthony was invited to that birthday party as well.

Shannon said that if there were feuds between us, Marc would have never come to the birthday party. It was really satisfying for her to see her kids embracing their father one more time.

Apart from keeping the relationship after the divorce, Shannon also has strong feelings for Marc’s other children. She holds high regard for them and cares about them.

Canelo Alvarez

The reports of a fling between Shannon de Lima and Canelo Alvarez came to the surface in 2017 when Shannon posted a romantic picture with Alvarez on Instagram. They confirmed their relationship with a kiss.

During the promotion of an upcoming fight against Gennady Golovkin, Shannon accompanied Alvarez and spoke highly about the Mexican boxer.

She was in numerous promotional build-up events of that fight and supported Alvarez all the way through. After the fight, both continued to post flirty comments on each other’s social media accounts.

In fact, there were even pictures of Shannon on her Instagram where she was wearing a black hat which had Canelo Alvarez’s initials However, this romance didn’t last for long despite both continuing to remain great friends of each other.

Love story with James Rodriguez

shannon de lima james rodriguez

A popular singer followed by a Mexican boxer. The next person to get the keys to Shannon’s Heart was James Rodriguez.

And by all accounts, this relationship doesn’t look like it is just for the short-term. Both respect each other and have supported each other through thick and thin.

James Rodriguez and Shannon de Lima met for the first time in Miami. However, they didn’t see each other in the next eight months.

Despite their continuous meetups, the Colombian reports called their interaction as “romance” instead of a “relationship”. Both wanted not to talk about it. However, they made their relationship public in May 2019 on Facebook.

In June, James shared a picture with Shannon after winning the German Cup final. James has said that Shannon loves the culture of Germany and loves to explore different cities of the country. However, as mentioned before, she could not move due to her business establishment.

Now, both are living together in Merseyside, England. As James is a fantastic football player and gets recognition from all around the world, Shannon has also become a football fanatic looking into her hubby’s hobbies.

In 2019, Shannon came to the pitch to congratulate James as Bayern Munich beat Frankfurt 5-1. We can expect to see many of these moments in Everton as he is enjoying the time of his life in England so far.


Currently, Shannon has two kids of her own and also takes care of Salome, the daughter of James.

After his divorce from his first wife, Salome is now with James as per the Colombian court orders. Now, as Shannon de Lima is a massive part of James Rodriguez’s life, she looks after James’ daughter really well.

Both Salome and Shannon have created great chemistry with each other, often appearing on Tik Tok and Youtube videos. On Father’s day, Salome created a beautiful message as a tribute to his father, James.

Shannon responded to it by saying “papacito”, which means “the best of all”. She clearly understands that one of James’ biggest qualities is looking after his daughter and she offers her full support.

Before Shannon’s relationship with James, Shannon already had a son from her ex-husband, Manual Sosa. His son’s name is Danielito who is now with her after their breakup.

In October 2019, James announced that he and Shannon have welcomed a baby, Samuel, into the world. It was a surprise to the James lovers as the Colombian had not announced anything regarding Shannon’s pregnancy or her condition.

The Venezuelan model indeed became a mother of Samuel, who arrived into this world via a surrogate mother.

To this date, Shannon simply adores his son. On the day of his birth, she posted a touching image of her touching the hand of his son, melting the entire fan following.

On the other hand, James Rodriguez has included Samuel’s tender foot into the tattoo on his body. The reason behind this was that James decided to honour his first child with Shannon de Lima.

And when it comes to becoming a mother again, she has never ruled out the possibility completely, stating that children are always a blessing.



James Rodriguez is a formidable football player. Currently, at Everton in the English Premier League, he is doing all he can to ensure that his team wins football matches. However, he is also trying to ensure that he finds stability in his personal life.

It looks like Shannon de Lima seems to be the perfect life partner for the Colombian.

Whether James can win some silverware with Everton or not? I don’t know. However, one thing is for sure that de Lima will try to partner and support James through thick and thin.

Let’s hope we can see their relationship turn into something even more beautiful in the coming times.

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