What is a Triple Threat in Basketball?

Basketball is one of the toughest and most competitive sports in the world. There aren’t many ways to trick your opponent easily.

Learning fundamentals and mastering the skills might look hard on the surface. However, as an offensive player, you can make your rival suffer with a genius basic triple threat position.

The technique varies from player to player as everyone has their style. However, the fundamentals are the same and everyone can start by following the basics.

In this article, you will learn about the triple threat in basketball. An easy basic skill to master and level up your game with a little bit of effort and time.

Once you know all the fundamentals of basketball then you will have a decent opportunity to score more points and make better plays with your teammates.

Keep in mind practice makes perfect, so you need to practice once you’ve learned the triple threat position.

What is a Triple Threat in Basketball?

Triple threat is a position in basketball where a player gets three options. Whether the player wants to pass, dribble or shoot the ball. A player in this position gets the advantage on the offensive end.

This position allows a player to shoot, dribble past the defense, and pass the ball to his teammates without changing his stance.

In this position, one foot doesn’t move and is planted on the floor. The other foot can move, so a player can choose one of all the three options from the triple threat.

Getting into position

Any player can get into triple threat position if he is comfortable with shooting, passing, and dribbling. However, you need to avoid traveling with the ball because it can mess up your stance and result in a foul.

Hand movement

Hold the ball with both hands firmly between your knees and shoulder. In addition, hold the ball in the shooting position. This makes a potential shooting opportunity more accessible. Remember the margin of error will be very low as you are holding the ball during the play.


Footwork is very important in a triple threat. You need to move only one foot and the other foot will remain pivoted. This will allow you to dribble and move the ball on both sides. Slightly bend your knees and extend one foot forward. Remember you are not allowed to walk with a ball that’s a foul.

Use Elbows

Elbows play a key role in the protection of the ball. This is good as a defensive strategy to create a gap between you and the player guarding you. A player’s elbows should be pointing out to avoid losing the ball.

Head position

While in a triple threat position keep your head high, so you can scan the whole court. This will give you an idea of where your teammates are during the play. Moreover, a player can know when to shoot or dribble. This will help you not to miss any open three-pointers.

Jab step

This is one of the basic and famous tricks that professional players use to fool their opponents. This is called Jab Step.

Now, when you are in a triple threat position you can fool the other player with a jab step. The jab step allows you different options.

Either you can drive past the player or you can shoot the ball by creating space. The jab step is a key weapon when you are in a triple threat, it is effective and reliable.

NBA Players who love the Triple Threat

Many players are good at triple threat in the NBA. However, some notables like Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnet, and Magic Johnson were the best from the past.

Currently, Kevin Durant, Damian Lillard, LeBron James, Steph Curry, John Wall, and Chris Paul can get into a triple threat position and change the game.

All these big names have years of practice and dedication to this sport. However, learning fundamentals have always been the priority for any team or player in the game.

Why Triple Threat is Important?

Today, Basketball is all about being aggressive and scoring points. Young players in the NBA want to make their names and this technique can make you better against tough teams.

Moreover, it takes years to practice and master the fundamentals of the game. That’s why this is a great addition to your daily drills and exercises.

A player learns to control the play with passing, shooting, and dribbling moves. This triple attack is for the attack mindset.

If you don’t have the right attacking intention, this position will not be as effective as it should be.

The idea is to be aggressive and ready to shoot at any time during the game. Moreover, it’s a great confidence booster for a player and a nightmare for the defense.

Once you start doing it correctly, it can take your game to another level.

Final Thoughts

Being aggressive, easy passes, and driving past the defender is a dream for every player in basketball. You want to win and dominate as many plays as you can.

However, it requires years of practice and coaching to master the great game of basketball. Therefore, the position is a great way to become a better player and playmaker.

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