What is a Brace in Soccer?

Soccer is a sport that can be confusing to watch or play when you first start out because there are so many terminologies that are used. I can guarantee that it was true for me!

One instance that comes to mind for many is hearing the word “brace” used during a soccer match. Have you ever heard a commentator use the term and think ‘what is a brace in soccer?’. Well wonder no more, as we delve into the meaning of a brace, and offer you even more terminology than you bargained for!

What does a”Brace” mean in Soccer?

Messi has scored many a brace in his career
Messi has scored many a brace in his career

In soccer (or football), a brace refers to one player scoring two goals in a game.

Having a player score two goals on their own is impressive given that a soccer game has less than three goals on average.

Why are two goals referred to as a brace?

Vinicius Junior is a prolific goalscorer
Vinicius Junior is a prolific goalscorer

The word “brace” has its roots in the Anglo-French language. The expression denoted a pair of arms. The term “brace” was also an Old English idiom for a pair of things. When describing how many animals they caught during their journey, hunters would frequently use the phrase.

A brace of birds, for instance, implied that the hunter bagged two birds that day. Other species of animals, such as pheasants, rabbits, and others, would also be referred to as braces.

Are own goals counted in scoring a brace?

No is the easy answer to this. Even if a player scored two own goals, it wouldn’t always be considered a brace. A “brace of own goals” may be how football fans or commentators refer to it, but the most typical brace occurs when a player scores twice in the opponent’s goal.

This holds true even if two goals are scored (one actual goal and one own goal). A player does not have a brace even if they score their own goal before finding the back of their opponent’s net.

Can you get a brace during a penalty shootout?

Steph Houghton has taken part in many penalty shootouts
Steph Houghton has taken part in many penalty shootouts

Goals scored in penalty shootouts do not count toward a successful brace. However, if a player scores on a penalty shot while in a regulation 90-minute game, and even during extra-time, that goal counts toward their goal tally. Earning a brace is only ever possible during regular match time.

Is a prize awarded to a soccer player for it?

A brace in soccer is not rewarded with a match ball or any physical prize, unlike a hat trick. However, the accomplishment is recorded in a player’s statistics, just like other on-field successes.

If you score three goals in a game, what is that known as?

Erling Haaland regularly scored hat tricks
Erling Haaland regularly scored hat tricks

A hat trick occurs when a single player scores three goals in regulation time, which do not have to be consecutive.

A hat trick in a soccer game cannot occur in a shootout during extra time, just like a brace cannot be achieved.

The origin of the phrase “hat trick.”

The phrase first appeared in football in the 19th century and is still used today.

Some footballers are specialists when it comes to scoring hat-tricks. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi fit this mold.

In the UEFA Champions League, Lionel Messi has the most hat tricks, scoring a whopping eight so far. Cristiano Ronaldo has achieved the most hat tricks in their career, reaching a staggering 60 hat tricks. When it comes to goal scoring, these individuals are exceptional.

We also have players like Robbie Fowler, Alan Shearer, and Sergio Aguero. In the English Premier League, Alan Shearer has scored more hat tricks than any other player. Additionally, Sergio Aguero has nine hat tricks.

What is it called when you score four or more goals in a game?

Robert Lewandowski has recorded four goals in one match

A haul is awarded to a single player who scores four goals in a soccer match. Five goals is a glut, while six is a double hat trick. A player earns a haul trick if they score seven goals in a single game. Few players have ever scored seven or more goals in a single game in the history of the sport.

Who has scored the most braces in the Uefa Champions League?

Ronaldo has the record for most UEFA Champions League braces
Ronaldo has the record for the most UEFA Champions League braces

In the competition’s history, Ronaldo has also scored the most braces. Ronaldo passed Lionel Messi, who was in second place with 34 braces, by four with his 38th brace against Atalanta for Manchester United.

Most famous braces in the FIFA World Cup

Toni Kroos bagged a brace in a vital 2014 World Cup game
Toni Kroos bagged a brace in a vital 2014 World Cup game

Pele set a record for the youngest player to score two goals in a FIFA World Cup game in 1958. For Brazil, he made the achievement against France when he was just 17 years old. He is regarded as one of the greatest Brazilian players in history.

In 2014, Toni Kroos recorded the quickest brace in World Cup history. Toni scored two goals against Brazil in less than one minute and ten seconds.


The phrase “brace” refers to a player scoring two goals in one game of soccer. Since there are typically fewer than three goals scored per game in soccer, scoring two goals alone is a feat. Cristiano Ronaldo now owns the record for the most brace successes as of 14 October 2022.

The main goal of a soccer match is to put the ball in the back of the net, which can be difficult at times. Some soccer games even come to a conclusion without a goal.

How did it feel for you to score multiple goals during a game of football with your friends?

At least now you know what to call it!

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